What is this magic?

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What really is boudoir photography?  It’s the 1920’s erotic aesthetic, the pin-ups of the 40’s, and the naturalness of the 70’s and beyond.  It’s a bride’s gift to her husband and a woman’s gift to herself.  As photographers, we’ve been shooting boudoir for decades, but we didn’t always call it that.

Today, the battle-cry of boudoir is empowerment.  Being naked or almost naked in front of the lens is a way to face fears, take back our sexuality, bring a sense of beauty to our life, or just give ourselves a little boost.  Who doesn’t want to gain back at least one of those things that everyday life makes us doubt? 

There’s something about boudoir that makes you feel free.  When you feel free, and the stress starts to ebb, you feel more confident, sexier, and more comfortable in your own skin.  Everyone is beautiful exactly as they are, and boudoir photography is a way to claim that back, one shutter click at a time.

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